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DEON operates on the belief that a just future where communities of color can flourish is attainable if we focus on the fundamental components of our economy and alter them from the inside out. By formulating a plan to accomplish this transformation, we increase our likelihood of success.

DEON is dedicated to creating a future-oriented economy that benefits everyone. This goal is achieved through innovative policies that are based on our collective imagination, which serve to fundamentally alter the foundations of our economy and erect new structures that work in everyone's favor. Our approach involves collaborating with communities of color to develop policy solutions that prioritize equity, which are then implemented with rigor to completely transform our systems. As a result, DEON is able to create a more equitable and just society for all. In light of this, we humbly request your support to help us continue our vital work.

We invite you to join us in creating sustainable, long-lasting solutions for the next thirty years. If our vision resonates with you, we urge you to consider contributing to our cause. Your donation will help ensure that we can continue to make a meaningful impact towards a brighter future.



Diversity Equal Opportunity Network Inc.

Suite 200, 3000 Atrium Way

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, 08054.


You allow us to make an impact on our community,
Your generosity is astonishing.
Thank you for your leadership and support. 
With your help, we provide a voice, leadership skills, and empowerment to children and young people.
Your commitment made this happen.

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