The Diversity & Equal Opportunity Network (DEON) is a non profit led by diverse women who are dedicated to advocating for racial, social and economic equity within New Jersey's public education and the community at large.

DEON is committed to bringing together members of all underserved communities with educators, politicians, and others for powerful dialogue and collaboration that leads to real change. 

We achieve this through partnerships with other non profit organizations, grass roots groups, local and state level government, corporate companies and education providers. 

We are determined to plant seeds for sustainable healing by providing youth programs, adult training & workshops, resources, support, and cultural awareness programs.

It takes a village to provide children with a safe and positive environment that breaks harmful cycles perpetuated by history and inaction. The village we brought together is grounded in intersectionality and a lack of discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender, ability or class.

We continue to work on initiatives in line with our mission & core values.